HIKEArmenia is a free app that allows hikers to access marked hiking trails in Armenia, get in touch with local guides, and share their feedback with the community.

This project was made possible through a crowdfunding campaign spearheaded by ONEArmenia.

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Are you ready for adventure? HIKEArmenia is a user-friendly app that allows you to find trails and learn about everything that crosses your path. You can get in touch with local guides, find the best accommodation option in the region, and share your experience on social media.

User reviews

Don't take our word for it! All trails are rated and reviewed by the community, so you can easily take your pick.

Trail difficulty rankings

Whether you're in the mood for a good workout, or prefer to go for an easy, laid-back hike, we'll help you find the right trail.

Trail essentials

Everything you need to know about that particular trail: length description, points of interest, photos.

Guide reviews

Not sure you want to hike on your own? We'll put you in touch with local guides who know the region and speak your language.

Easy sign up

Sign up with Facebook or Instagram, and start exploring HIKEArmenia in seconds.

Accommodation options

Find the best accommodation options nearby, and enjoy a well-deserved post-hike nap.

Offline mode

Just in case you lose signal, you can still use the app in offline mode and access the information you need on a hike.

Clear trail outlines

Don’t worry about getting lost: you can find and follow trails easily thanks to our GPS routes.

Social Media Integration

You can let your friends know about your hiking achievements by sharing pictures directly from the app.

Weather forecast

We know the most determined hikers will be unfazed by rain and hail but hey, it’s always good to know beforehand.


All the trails on HIKEArmenia are pretty great, but you can still save your favourites until a hiking opportunity arises.


It's super easy to use and will let you know where you stand at all times.

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